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investment offers


Investment Type: Gold
Minimal Investment $1,000.00
Maximal Invesment $10,000.00
Weekly profit 6%
Withdrawal Every two weeks


Investment Type: Diamond
Minimal Investment $11,000.00
Maximal Invesment $50,000.00
Weekly profit 7%
Withdrawal Every month


Investment Type: Platinum
Minimal Investment $50,000.00
Maximal Invesment No Limit
Weekly profit 8%
Withdrawal Every three months

Why choose us

Progressive daily income

Your daily earnings depend solely on the size of your deposits, the number of which is unlimited. Each of your deposits has its own conditions for calculating profits and does not sum up with the rest.

Instant payments

Withdrawal is available on weekly bases, you can use the function to make a withdrawal request. All requests are processed automatically, and money is instantly sent to the details you specify.

Representatives Around the world

We have representatives in a number of countries around the world. We give investors the opportunity to become reps at various locations.

Safe and Secure

The company's website is under reliable protection by the leaders of the information security market: daily scanning and timely measures of virus prevention of the website and theft of user’s personal data.

24/7 Customer Support

You can get a full-fledged consultation and the necessary information by contacting any regional representative or customer support on the website through a feedback form in your account, email or online chat

Earn higher interest

Prime Axis gives opportunity to you to earn higher returns on investments.

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